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These are mappings and hooks that play aound with the idea of more outré fusions than the simple crossovers above. Having exorcised the majority of Evangelion trauma for now, I doubt I'll come back to it for a while. If nothing else, thinking about these might serve to mess with peoples' heads — and if anyone wants to work them up, then feel free (just let me know so I can read what's been done).

Noir Genesis Evangelion

Surprisingly, both Noir and NGE are structured around a conspiracy containing a dissident sub-conspiracy. So we work from this top level downwards:

The secret agenda is that while fighting off the Angels, Gendo Ikari and Altena (replacing Fuyutsuki) conspire to effect Le Grand Retour under the noses of the Soldats, who take on the rôle of the Committee and of SEELE. The need to fight the Angels (episodes 1–24) will serve as the initial trials required to select (or at least prepare) the candidates for the final ritual (episodes 25–6). The NERV insignia will be replaced by the two sword-maidens, encircled by the fragment of the Noir rubric “Les mains noires protègent la paix des nouveaux-nés”

Chloë is the First Maiden. The reluctant Third is Gendo's estranged daughter, Rei Ikari who is a composite of Ayanami and Shinji, with just a touch of Kirika. Arriving a way into the tale is the Second Maiden, the icy French beauty, Mireille Bouquet. After a lot of casting about, it suddenly became obvious who will be drafted in to suffer — and die — as the Fourth — the Intoccible, the Inviolate One. It would seem plausible that Asuka makes a belated (episode 24), tragic, appearance as the Fifth, a tool bred by the conservative Soldats, and activated to disrupt the creation of, or, failing that, be their point of control over, the new Noir.

The events of the tale would diverge greatly from both of the sources, that much is certain. A number of decisions rest on where on the scale from UN agency base under a major Japanese city to chateau in pastoral valley in the Pyrenees one places the centre of activity. At least having some of the story set in Paris (in/under the complex at La Défense) would be nice [“So this is Paris…” thought Rei Ikari, as she stepped out of the Metro at Châtelet/Les Halles…] and perhaps somewhere else near the Med — perhaps Nîmes-Actif could take the place of the shifting towers of Tokyo-3.

I am sure than the end-game in this one would not involve battling against the Eva series in an attempt to stave off Third Impact — indeed it is possible that this scenario might not even have had a Second Impact, at least not an overt one. With or a without the world disaster of Second Impact, I'm not sure how to square giant robot action with the background of assassination missions. A covert “Second Impact”-equivalent and secret Angels that must be dealt with using something less obvious than giant mecha would probably be the easiest way to reconcile things.

On the other hand, if you mix up the Evangelion, except for Rei Ikari, who becomes Kirika in all but name (and we don't know anything of Kirika's family), then we have, at the end, the Eva series with dummy plugs stencilled “Soryu”, a recently revived Mireille counter-attacking with an initial grunted cry of “Un!”, and from there it's only a slight twist, an exchange of rôles, to the final scene in which we would have Mireille strangling Rei/Kirika on the barren shore, and then relenting. The final line in that version would have to be simply “Nous sommes Noir.

Whichever, if you can manage to sketch episodes 1, 21 and 26, the rest should then follow.

Serial Experiments Evangelion

The hook here would have to be that the Kensington Experiment (“15 years ago”) is identical to/is simultaneous with/causes Second Impact, and the Angels.

And both titles have factions operating with basic assumption that human advancement is stalled and needs to be kick-started across some phase transition to a higher state.

Visuals here would have to be those of the Knights of the Eastern Calculus. And the mysterious organization headed by Ikari Gendou would be Equites Comitesque Calculi Orientalis.

The story-telling style would have to be objective viewpoint, just like the camera, with very little direct exposition of what characters were feeling. Rei would of course be the Lain-analog, and Asuka would have some of the Arisu role. I can just imagine her being interrupted in the middle of an intense Kaji fantasy.

The analogue of the 15th Angel would of course come directly from Layer 06 :)

Possible snippet from the first episode, as Shinji waits for Misato to arrive:

The boy stands on the corner of the deserted street. Everyone but him has gone to the shelters, and there is no sound of traffic, only the rumble of distant artillery. He looks around, waiting, hoping, for some one to arrive.

And then he sees her. At first glance a girl about his age, maybe less, standing in the road across the junction. She is slight of build, and is wearing only a cream-coloured shift. The wind picks at its hem, and at the braid in her dark hair.

She lifts her gaze, and meets his. There is an air of quiet self-confidence in her regard that makes him re-evaluate her age upwards, significantly so. He cannot hold her stare. He blinks, looks away, and then back again.

She is gone, as if she had never been. No sound of bare feet running on the tarmac. But, over the sound of combat, the sound of a car engine, and the squealing of tyres.

The boy rubs his eyes, as if he thinks he micro-slept. A blue car halts in front of him, and the woman from the photo he had been carrying is at the wheel, calling him to get in.

Cardcaptor Soryu

The only way I can see of doing this is mapping Eva characters into Sakura rôles, and keeping the Sakura level mixed up high on the storyline. So we'd replace Sakura-Tomoyo-Syaoran by Asuka-Rei-Shinji; I think Kaji takes the place of Yuki.

Dealing with the cards would be rather more Eva-Angel like; what we'd really want is a character who can take on the main NERV function — only this time it would have to be a bit more like the generic crazy mecha-building uncle — to kit Asuka out with her Eva-of-the-week (like Sakura's one-shot costumes provided by Tomoyo). Gendo is, alas, ruled out because of Syaoran/Shinji's part in the story. Fuyutsuki? Ritsuko?

Oh, and to add to the crunchy Eva bleakness, we make it quite obvious from the outset that this “Clow Reed” character is simply an obfuscation, given the lack of distinction between “L” and “R” in Japanese, and the cards are actually the creations of the Great Beast Himself.

Magic Knight Evangelion

One of the common complaints about alternate-Eva fics is the introduction of a super-powered character who pretty much sets everything to rights — or at least takes full charge of the story flow. I hope I've managed to avoid that sin in the Redemption-E and Neon Angelic fics. This one would not be able to avoid that charge.

OK, we ignore the fact that according to the internal dates in the manga, the Magic Knights are only a couple of years younger than Gendo (and several years older than the other adult cast members, aside from Fuyutsuki and the Committee), and slide their birth dates to just after Second Impact. But when 14–year-old Hikaru Shido gets drafted into NERV and told she must fight the Third Angel using Unit 01, she would have to say “Don't worry, I already have my own mashin.” and “My friends will join in to help me.” before going out and convincing the Angels that trying to destroy people is wrong.

Or, trying to turn up the Eva level, the first Three Children would have to be Umi, Hikaru and Fuu, in that order. And they would go and convince the Angels that trying to destroy people is wrong. And be very sad when they had to kill Tabris at the end.

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