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There's a lot of Eva fics out there — just ask Google! Alas, Sturgeon's Law (90% of anything is crud) applies. Some fics are posted by people who are still working on how to construct a narrative; others, alas, by people who are still working on how to construct a web-site that doesn't hurt the eyes. (Without naming names, there is one fic of which I've seen positive review by content, that is presented as pre-formatted — <pre></pre> section, and hence rendered in a mono-space font — text, white on black, 60 characters per line. That, to me, is unreadable as it stands, and adjusting the font and size in the browser is little help.)

Unlike other lists I've seen, I'm not so much of a purist when it comes to portraying Shinji — the character for whom the advice “Get a life!” seems to have been invented, since he doesn't even have the active obsessions that many of us tend to indulge in instead. Indeed, it could be said that as the series went on, I found that I liked Eva despite Ikari-kun. For that sort of reason, fics revolving around the Shinji/Asuka pairing tend to pass me by — Red could do so much better than that.

But my own real bug-bear is with fics that try to carry on after an implicitly unaltered Instrumentality, or just brush it under the carpet by ignoring the developments implicit in either take on episodes 25 and 26, and bring on another series of Angels to provide background for more of the same. (yes, this does include Eva-R, and that's before we get to any of the first paragraph issues of literary style or web presentation in that particular case). Remember — even in the original TV episodes, we see Misato and Ritsuko lying dead in the corridors of NERV during Instrumentality.

Courting controversy

It is not chic to admit to liking the following; but if you don't expect it to be Eva, but a competently written Mary Sue (with emphasis on the competency — you don't realise until long after the event that you've just worked your way through pages of intense luggage packing action ) then Neon Exodus Evangelion might be more your sort of thing. It's technically well written enough, and appealed to my sense of humour enough (anyone who has read it will understand what I mean when I refer to Rei's line “Should I be?”), that I forgave its wildly different character interpretations such as:

And this does seem to be the source of the “Barons of Hell” misinterpretation.

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