Paris, late October 2004

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Parc de la Villette

Weird sculpture in the park

And more of it.

Water pours in from the spouts at the top, and drain from each funnel.

The rotation is chaotic — and can reverse.

Dragon sculpture

The grand hall

Along the Seine

The French attitude to Halloween (Toussaint) — hold a big old revival meeting.

Notre Dame — almost completely cleaned up these days.

One exhibit from the sculpture park along the Rive Gauche.

Forum des Halles

Vines on the trellises

Ancient and modern

Looking north towards the forum

The Pompidou centre over the forum

Down into the well

Archway in sunlight

Traditional service industry...

...with samples

St Eustache in late sunlight

...across the Forum

...with Parisians basking in the warmth

...with sculprure

Fiber-optic sundial

...and read-out (just after 4pm — actually just after 5pm as it was still summer time)

Canal side

Just north of Stalingrad, looking south.

Just north of Stalingrad, looking north towards Parc de la Villette.

From the Quai de la Villette.

Canal side near Republique.

Ready-to-launch Eiffel Tower.

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