The 2004 Village Festival — Some of the Scarecrows

S I T E   M A P

Coming late to the party, as ever, trying out my new (second-hand) digital camera. The Village Festival was on the weekend 11/12-SEP-04; which was the first cool and dry weekend for ages, so my first priority was trying to hack the garden back into some semblance of control. So I just snapped some of the scarecrows made for the event, just as light was fading on the Sunday.

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The chest-burster scene from Alien. Not sure who that's supposed to scare most!

Well, what else do you find in a church-yard?

Wasn't that supposed to be four-and-twenty blackbirds?

Up, up, and away!

Flob-a-lob-a-lob, Little Weed!

Needless to say, David Beckham was taking a penalty.

"Left holding the baby" - that little crow's not scared!

A blue note or two to mellow the birds out, I guess.

Bash Street Kids ride again!

The no-nonsense approach : a Fen Tiger.

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