To Niort and environs — 28–30 May 2005

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Paris, 28-May-05

Paris, evening

And more of it.

Niort tour, 30-May-05


Starting out along the riverbank. I got about as far as you can see before the tyre went flat.

Church at St. Liguaire. Taking the paved way.

Pont Rouge at La Tiffardière looking NW.

Pont Rouge at La Tiffardière looking SE.

Tower near Telouze.

Serpent Mural.

The footbridge that wasn't there last year.

Gardens along the river, and the church.

The donjon, as seen in the mural.

Evening stroll

Disabilities can be organized...


...and their tails.

A glimpse down an alleyway at 9pm



...and in silhouette

Evening sun.

A glimpse down an street, well after 9pm


Kites and windmills

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